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4 Secrets to Being a Confident, Peaceful & Sexy Mom!

Monday, August 9th, 2010

4 Secrets to Being a Confident, Peaceful & Sexy Mom!4-peace-confident-picture
By Allana Pratt, Sexy Mom Expert

1. Feeling vs. Reacting: As Moms we really are so busy, we very rarely take time to listen deeply to how we are truly feeling. Instead we use unrelated disappointments here and there to really unload our grievances. My advice would be to have a bath once a week and check in- do you need to really cry? Do you want to journal if you’re confused? Do you want to write some creative thoughts down? Do you want to stop thinking and simply BE? We all have the same 24 hours a day, if you don’t schedule YOU time, it doesn’t happen and that inner voice can’t guide and encourage you. You’re worth it!

AND read There’s Nothing Wrong with You, by Cheri Huber

2. Tantrums: To be a sensual woman in the face of chaos… it takes a lot… and yet see if you can open your heart no matter what’s happening. Let’s say your child is having a tantrum at the store and you’re embarrassed and worried about what people think of you. In that moment instead of judging, resisting and reacting to outside judgments, open, breathe and affirm that you can handle it. Breathe and know that inside is your intuition, and you can’t go wrong from a place of love.

AND read Positive Discipline by Jane Nelson

3. Wandering Eyes: Let’s say you are in a restaurant with your man. A beautiful woman walks by and you watch his eyes stray. You happen to still feel overweight since the baby, you haven’t slept well, you haven’t had time for you in forever and inside you are either boiling or hopeless. In that moment, open. Say thank you. She is your mirror. You are a radiant woman, too. Let her remind you to take even better care of yourself. See if you can forgive him, forgive her and simply love yourself. If we shut down and get snippy, we know how the evening will go. Instead, open, shine and watch how your husband responds to you the rest of the evening. I bet he’ll be mesmerized.

AND read Dear Lover, by David Deida

4. Silly is Sexy: I want to raise a well mannered boy and yet in the midst of all my rules, there needs to be some silliness for my son to go wild and for me to let go! We like to dance on our coffee table to Reggae. We have dinner in the playhouse or under the table in a fort and eat mac and cheese with our fingers. One time we had a shaving cream fight in the back yard and washed off in the kiddy pool. Apparently when my boyfriend found us he found me very sexy… you see Sexy is being free in your body… loving your Self and the Moment exactly as it is… loosen up and have some fun!

AND read Fabulous Friendship Festival, Loving Wildly, Learning Deeply, Living Fully with Our Friends by my inspirational friend SARK

Allana Pratt, a Relationship coach for the past 15 yrs. and a Sexy Mom Expert, knows it’s time for women to get over the guilt, fill up their tanks first, give themselves permission for pleasure because when mama’s happy, everybody’s happy! For the secrets to attracting all the love, attention and success you deserve, go to!

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Crystal Bowersox – In the Momlight

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010


Momz in the Mix wants to say….. CONGRATULATIONS  CRYSTAL!! Lee DeWyze may have won American Idol on Wednesday’s finale, but both walk away with their lives changed forever. It was a close call with only a mere 2%  difference when all was said and done.

Mama Sox (a single mom) was quoted to say ”I want to make a better life for my son.” American Idol has created that platform for her to continue her dream and make a better life for her and her family.

Crystal, we celebrate and honor you and can’t wait to have you on as a guest with Momz in the Mix.

The show was packed with exciting performances and surprise guests that included Janet Jackson, Joe Cocker and music mom Christina Aguilera. Casey James was joined onstage with rocker Brett Michaels who recently was fighting for his life when he was stricken with a brain hemorrhage. Michaels didn’t inform his doctors that he was making a surprise performance on Idol however, he did say this was the therapy he really needed.

Wednesday also marked the end of Simon Cowell’s 9 years on Idol.

We will miss you Simon.

Fitness for Momz

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010