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A Portrait of a Lady Birthday Party

When it comes to birthday parties…the sky is the limit for themes and activities.
This year, I built her party around one of her all time favorite movies -Little Women.

So, with my long list of Things To Do, I made my way to my local Target (your safest bet for your one stop shopping destination), to purchase as many themed details as possible, including our table’s centerpieces which included felt hats, lace gloves, pastel dyed doilies and porcelain tea cups.

My personal group of Little Women

To ensure this to be a day to remember, I pulled a scene from Little Women, (making sure it had 7 different characters all in the same scene) and sent everyone their lines ahead of time so they would be off page. Set up an old wooden platform in our yard’s corner, hung red velvet curtains, rented wardrobe to enhance the experience and Wa La…instant theatrical performance!!!

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